Popular Morning Show Host Caroline Corley Dies Suddenly Reviewed by Momizat on . GREENBURGH, N.Y.- Iconic Westchester morning show personality Caroline Corley died unexpectedly Monday, shortly after finishing her morning show at The Peak. “M GREENBURGH, N.Y.- Iconic Westchester morning show personality Caroline Corley died unexpectedly Monday, shortly after finishing her morning show at The Peak. “M Rating: 0
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Popular Morning Show Host Caroline Corley Dies Suddenly

Popular Morning Show Host Caroline Corley Dies Suddenly

GREENBURGH, N.Y.- Iconic Westchester morning show personality Caroline Corley died unexpectedly Monday, shortly after finishing her morning show at The Peak.

“My former wife Caroline Mure Corley suddenly just died this morning. Apparently felt dizzy and a neighbor somehow got involved and called the medics who got there quickly,” Christopher Corley wrote, taking to social media to confirm the news. “But after working with her for somewhere around 30-45 minutes, they were unable to revive her. This was after she had done her morning show at 107.1 the Peak, which she loved doing.”

“Caroline was part of The Peak from its very first hours some 9 1/2 years ago. A brilliant broadcaster and seeker of truth, Caroline had the biggest personality of anybody I’ve ever met,” wrote Chris Herrmann, who voiced the late morning time slot after Corley. “ The Peak will never be the same without her. Rest In Peace my friend.”

“She was a colleague, a friend and one of the most talented radio personalities I’ve ever heard.  Having been on the air nearly 30 years myself, I can honestly say that when I listened to Caroline “do radio” I always learned something new about how to do it right,” said Pam Landry, a fellow Peak personality. “I cannot believe she is gone.”

Colleagues and fans flocked to her Facebook page to express condolences as word of her death spread, and shared stories about her irreverent wit and feisty personality.

“Thanks for sharing your colossal humor and personality with me and all the students you met in my radio classes. Quite an instant positive impression you made on all you met, everywhere you went. At a coffee shop, a parking lot, a store…..and of course, on the radio,” said Tom Zarecki, a DJ and adjunct professor at Western Connecticut University. “Your radio skills were always highly-polished and ready to drop on an unsuspecting person at a moment’s notice. But hey, that was part of the fun. To quote your favorite band the Stones, Caroline, from all of us, we know your memory will ‘Not Fade Away.’ That’s a promise. Thanks for everything, my friend. “

Her bubbly persona extended beyond the studio, and she and her fans referred to each other as boyfriends, girlfriends, and sisters. She was known for her love of coffee and  “skinny boys with long hair.” When her dog,  Mick Jagger, passed away less than a month ago, she thanked her listeners for being such a strong source of support. She called him her Rock and Rolldog.

“I worked with Caroline at Z93 in Atlanta and observing her style forwarded my career, and more importantly, our personal interaction made me love her as a dear friend,” Radio personality A.J. Cannon wrote. “She was so young.”

“She brought the stories behind the music and the musicians to life and gave such a comic twist on some of them,” wrote listener Mary Shannon. “All the long haired boys with guitars were her boyfriends.”

She began her career at Georgia State University in Atlanta, at a time when it was the largest entirely student-run radio station in the country.

“We actually made rock and roll history once when Bob Geldof of The Boomtown Rats came in to the studio,” She wrote in her Peak biography. “Back then, the station had one of those loud old-fashioned teletype machines like you see in the movies. There was some big story coming across the wire and the damn thing was so distracting that Bob stopped the interview to read the story live on the air. Inspired by that news report, later that afternoon he penned the biggest hit record of his career, ‘I Don’t Like Mondays.’ ”

Her humor shines in the rest of the biography she wrote, in which she describes her transition from Denver to New York.

“She came to New York to collect legendary station call letters like Pam Anderson collects rock star boyfriends – WLIR (just before their tragic demise), WYNY when they were country (just before their tragic demise), and WCBS-FM (just AFTER their tragic demise!),” the biography reads. “She considers it an honor to be the “go to” guy at The Peak. “I only got this job because I told Chris Herrmann that I lived 3 miles from The Peak and if anybody ever called in sick I could be here in, like, 10 minutes.”

The cause of Corley’s death remains unknown.  She is the second influential Hudson Valley radio host to die in recent months, following the death of  WPDH Morning Show Host Mark “Coop” Cooper, 49, in August.


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Comments (12)

  • Scott Miller

    Thanks, Michelle.

  • June

    So so sorry. I will keep Caroline in my prayers and thoughts!!!!

  • SMK

    It was impossible to have a bad morning while listening to Caroline. Gone way too soon. A very sad day in New York’s backyard.

  • Jeff

    I was a young man looking through the window at Bob Geldof that very day. I saw the whole thing.

    I wish her peace.

  • mike corso

    So sorry to hear this terrible news today. I really enjoyed her voice and enthusiasm. Not Fade Away.


  • Claudia

    My deepest sympathy, I’m going to miss her soooo much! Loved her! I am at a great loss, feel like I lost my best friend!

  • Cathi

    so sorry to learn of this from fellow classmates from Tucker High in metro Atlanta. I had known Caroline since we were 10 years old in elementary school. Even then, she was a force to be reckoned with-she will be missed. RIP my friend-somehow it is a darker night than it was just a few minutes ago, but a brighter star the heavens will never know.

  • Hugo

    No mention of “Big Daddy” Tom Donohue, the inventor of underground FM radio. From San Francisco. Not all culture is invented on the east coast. Sorry for the loss.

  • Mark Mayfield

    Ms. Caroline Corley was one of my teachers at The College of Westchester. I was able to have both a professional and personal relationship with her. She meant a whole lot to me and the CW family. She will be truly missed and I am very saddened by her loss. I wish her family the best at this time and loved her presence every time we met. We shared laughs as well as being serious when needed. I can honestly say Ms. Corley will always hold a special place in my heart for ever and can not wait til we meet again. One thing I can say is that if you knew her you know how much she loved Bruce S and will kill you if you talked bad about him.

    R.I.P Ms. Caroline Corley

  • Di

    Say it isn’t so! This is so very sad! Driving across 120 will never be the same for me.


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